Targeted treatment for amateur enthusiasts to seasoned athletes

Sports massage therapy is a form of deep tissue massage. It is a versatile form of massage that can be used on both athletes and non-sporting patients for general relaxation, or to target specific problem areas. Our therapists are highly qualified to assess, diagnose and tailor your treatment specifically for you and your sport/injury.

We recommend sports massage for anyone who participates regularly in sport in order to reduce risk of injury. We offer sports massage as a stand-alone treatment, or as a part of an osteopathic treatment. We recommend this combined approach if treating a specific injury as muscular pain, more often than not, has a deeper route cause.

Sports Massage HAs many benefits;
  • Increased Muscle Flexibility
  • Improved Recovery after Exercise
  • Maximises Performance
  • Decreased Pain
  • Reduced Muscle Tension
  • Improved Circulation
  • Injury Prevention
  • Breakdown of Scar Tissue
  • Promotes Relaxation

What to Expect

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