Functional & Cranial osteopathy

Safe and effective treatment for all the family

Cranial osteopathy is a complicated art that looks into the body’s rhythm with precision and then is treated by removing the strain patterns that affect the injury throughout the body. This type of strain can be developed from birth in a traumatic birthing, or it can also be from a past injury that has not healed correctly.

Cranial osteopathy is an effective treatment choice for expectant mothers. It is a gentle, soothing technique that allows relief to the mother while her body is changing, all while ensuring no harm to the unborn child and without the use any medication. Cranial osteopathy can also be effective in treating coccyx injuries, headaches, jaw pain and back pain.

Cranial treatment is very subtle and gentle and is suitable for patients of all ages and stages of life. It is a particularly good treatment choice for newborns, babies and toddlers. Our osteopaths are skilled at reading their non-verbal cues and use their hands to find the areas of tension in their joints and muscles. Parents often report that their baby sleeps and feeds better after their treatment.

What to Expect

Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle approach. The movements involved are very small and subtle. Most patients tend to find the treatment very relaxing with minimal discomfort.

At The Sussex Osteopaths, we tailor our treatments for your specific ailments. Your osteopath will determine the treatment that will work best for you and your problem. Usually, our osteopaths combine their cranial techniques with functional and gentle structural approaches for an optimal outcome. If you have a preference for treatment approaches, our osteopaths will of course be guided by those.