What to Expect

What to expect in your initial appointment

Your initial consultation will last up to one hour. In this time, your osteopath will ask you questions regarding your symptoms, diet, general health and activities and lifestyle. This complete medical history will allow our osteopaths to better understand the pain and problems you have been experiencing as well as how the area was injured, what aggravates it and what you do to ease the pain. It will also allow them a better overview of your entire body so that they can determine if osteopathy is the best treatment for you. If osteopathy is not suitable, we can refer you to your GP or request imaging (such as X-ray, MRIs, etc) as needed.

It is best to wear something that you are flexible and comfortable in. It is ideal if we are able to see the area affected but if you are not comfortable with this it is not necessary. Your osteopath will examine your posture, muscles, joints and tissue health. They may ask you to do some simple movements to aid this assessment.
Once they have reached a diagnosis, your osteopath will explain this to you and discuss a treatment plan that is suitable to you. This treatment plan may also include exercises, diet and lifestyle changes.