Hamstring Strain

A group of three muscles situated from behind the knee to the pelvis, the hamstring muscles allow the knee to bend. Over-stretching can damage them as can vigorous sport or intense gym work. Not stretching prior or after exercise can cause them to become shortened.

How to tell if you have hamstring strain

You experience:

  • A different walk
  • Stretching causes pain and the area feels tender
  • That area (where it hurts) feels weak and as if it’s about to collapse

Ankle Sprain

The ankle can twist in two ways – from the inside (the most common) or outside. When this happens the anterior talofibula ligament will commonly be damaged.

How to tell if you have an ankle sprain

You experience:

  • Difficulty putting weight on your ankle and tend to limp
  • Bruising around the bone of the ankle
  • Pain and tenderness in and around the ankle area