Radial Nerve Impingement

Running beneath the outside of the elbow, the radial nerve can often feel like tennis elbow. The condition occurs with inflamed muscles and tendons in the elbow.

How to tell if you have radial nerve impingement

You experience:

  • Pain similar to that of tennis elbow
  • Pins and needles in the hand

Tennis Elbow

This condition is often caused (as you might guess) by playing a lot of tennis. Then again, it can also be caused by a shock to the elbow so isn’t unique to tennis. For instance, squash players, badminton, rugby and hockey players can all experience it too. The shock to the elbow results in inflammation in the forearm muscles which then goes on to cause pain.

How to tell if you have tennis elbow

You experience:

  • Pain at the elbow and when your hand is bent
  • Weakening of the wrist