Lower Back Pain

An increasingly common problem for individuals, lower back pain is believed to affect around 80 per cent of people at some time in their life. For the lucky it perhaps occurs once and goes away never to reappear. For others it’s a persistent problem that becomes extremely debilitating at time or, worse, starts affecting their everyday life, forcing them to make choices they wouldn’t otherwise. Depending on the cause and area of the pain treatment could involve stretches, pain management, referral to a doctor etc.

How to tell if you have lower back pain

You experience:

  • Non-specific pain because poor posture is putting strain on joints and muscles
  • Pain after lifting or carrying a heavy object. In this instance the disc has become separated from the vertebrae. Damage can range from a small strain (annular) to a prolapsed disc which can cause nerve irritation in the leg (sciatica). Tests, including those with an MRI and Xray can help identify the difficulty.
  • Muscle spasms – which are painful and restrictive