Tension Headaches

Headaches vary in intensity and type. For instance a tension
headache may be annoying but the individual would still be able
to go to work, whereas a full-blown migraine could be classed
as completely debilitating for the unfortunate sufferer. In
order to rule out any acute or more serious medical reasons for
a headache it’s always a good idea to visit a GP first.

Depending on the cause of your tension headache, osteopathy and
acupuncture can help. Tension headaches can be caused by increased
stress levels, poor posture, dehydration and eye strain, among many
other things.


How to tell if you’re suffering from a tension headache

You experience:

  • In the case of a tension headache it feels like a clamp across the top of the skull or the forehead area
  • Constant ache across both side of the head, and occasionally into the neck
  • There can be pain/tension behind the eyes
  • lasting 30 minutes – several days.