Class IV Laser Therapy

At The Sussex Osteopaths we are able to offer laser therapy using our Class IV Therapeutic Laser. Laser therapy is a medical treatment that uses focused light to stimulate a process called photobiomodulation. In short, light from the laser enters the tissues and stimulates a healing cascade within the tissues. This treatment is FDA approved and provides patients with a non-invasive, non-pharmacological alternative for pain relief.

Class IV Lasers can be used to help treat:

Arthritic pain
Ankle injuries
Achilles tendinopathy
Plantar fasciitis
Fibromyalgia pain
Acute and Chronic joint pain
Muscle and tendon strains
Ligament sprains

What does Laser Therapy do?

Laser therapy stimulates the cells of the body to produce a substance called ATP. ATP provides the cells with the energy needed to repair themselves. This is how Lasers are able to speed up healing times. It also increases circulation and reduces inflammation to the area treated, resulting in effective pain reduction.

Are there any side effects to Laser Therapy?

The only potential harmful side effect of Laser Therapy is injury to the eye if the laser is shone into the eye. This is why certified, protective eyewear is always required during treatments using the Class IV Laser.

Who can have Laser therapy?

Laser Therapy is suitable for the majority of patients. Whether you have an acute sports injury like a hamstring strain, a chronic pain condition like fibromyalgia or arthritic changes to the joints, Laser will help to reduce inflammation and pain levels in the areas treated. Laser therapy is also a suitable treatment option for pregnant women.

What makes the Class IV laser different to other Laser options?

There are many different Laser options out there for practitioners to choose from, so before purchasing one we did some fairly heavy research into the one most suited to our clinic. Class IV lasers are thousands of pounds more expensive than Class 3B lasers and for good reason. Class IV far more powerful than alternative ‘cold lasers’ or Class 3B lasers. Our Class IV laser’s higher wattage of 15 watts means that we are able to treat larger areas much faster than a 3B laser is able to with their 0.5watt capabilities.
For example, a treatment to the lower back taking roughly 10 minutes with the Class IV laser would need 200 minutes with the Class 3B laser to produce the same effect.

How much will Laser therapy cost me?

As with all of our treatments we try to keep the costs of our treatments as affordable as possible. This is why, unlike many other clinics, we include the cost of Laser Therapy within our osteopathy appointments. There is no additional charge.
It can be beneficial for some conditions to have a course of Laser Therapy in fairly short succession. As we do not ‘block book’ courses of osteopathy appointments we have come up with a couple of packages to cover any additional Laser Therapy treatments you may need.

Single Follow-up Laser Therapy Treatment: £30
Course of 3 Laser Therapy Treatments: £85
Course of 6 Laser Therapy Treatments: £170
Course of 8 Laser Therapy Treatments: £220